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Living in a terraced house where space was of a premium, I wanted a sofa that would be space efficient and multifunctional without compromising my living space. Having checked out the market, I was unable to find exactly what I was looking for. Therefore, I decided to set myself a challenge in developing a sofa with an integral footstool.

I wanted a sofa that would be space efficient, multifunctional, comfortable and good looking. Combisofa stands alone in this very competitive sofa market. You will be buying a unique product that is not available from any other manufacturer; it is not just a sofa or a sofa bed as supplied by our competitors. It is a sofa, sofa bed, chaise longue, corner unit and sofa with footstools all in one compact unit.

Its other attraction is that it is comfortable as a bed because it retains its original sprung seating. Unlike the other sofa bed designs which have a one inch mattress upon a bed of curly wire!

I am passionate about Combisofa and therefore its quality and sustainability. I believe the customer should not only reap the benefits of owning a Combisofa, but enjoy the whole purchasing experience.



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